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BLOG: What's On Martha's Mind?

BLOG: What's On Martha's Mind?

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Crazy Quilts

Crazy Quilts

12/16/2016 12:00:00 AM EST
10 months ago

I returned to quilting five years ago by doing a couple baby quilts for women on my staff. I liked surprising people with something way outside of the norms in which they knew me.

Then the weddings began for children of friends and I started in on wedding quilts and I've been on a roll ever since, for about five years now.

This was an early quilt, one I designed in no small part to use up my mom's fabric stash. (Barely made a dent.) I made this one in partnership with daughter. It was for her friend -- who is the daughter of MY friend. The green border is from the bridesmaid dress I wore in the mother's wedding on a wintry day on Long Island in 1980 (I think.) Still had it. Great velvet.

The pattern is one I picked up in a magazine. The center crazy heart is surrounded by log cabin blocks. I think it is a perfect statement about marriage. My daughter embroidered extensively on the center just to make it even more textured and crazy.

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