The Old and the New - years and quilts

Good riddance to 2016. We have shed the old with some gusto - at least I have. Glad to see it go. It was a horrible year by many counts: death, illness, political upheaval. 

However, there is some of the old that is highly precious -- a family quilt, for example. As a child I slept under a soft quilt made of squares of striped fabric that seems to have been cut from men's shirts or pajamas. A few squares have hints of color - orange, yellow, and even pink. The quilter carefully distributed them to hold to the symmetry of the pattern. It feels like a Depression Era project.

Therefore, I am bringing in 2017 with a new quilt that has the style of the antique one and is made of fresh, bright, colorful striped fabric. I had the urge to honor the past and also to punch up the color and see what happened. Here they now are, side by side, in our study.

I'm overloading the metaphor but let's take the best of the old and make it gorgeous again.


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