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Newly publishedNavigating an Organizational Crisis: When Leadership Matters Most (Praeger) offers insight into the following concerns for leaders in times of upheaval and catastrophe.

Insights gathered from over 50 interviews with leaders include:

1. Crisis Response that restores meaning and coherence

2. "Helpful Help" for an organization that is traumatized

3. Strategies for leaders themselves: when to cry? how to listen?

4. Storytelling that builds a new narrative from the chaos of a disaster

Written with long time friend and colleague, Harry Hutson, the book is a must for leaders facing the inevitable crisis.


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ON MY WATCH: An Amazon Best Seller

In this thoughtful book, Johnson shares the real story of extraordinary innovation underway at GSA even as her own tenure as Administrator during the Obama Administration was cut short by scandal. 

Don't miss her stark discussion of the risks leaders face, especially those who change up the game. On My Watch discusses what happens when things fall apart. This book helps equip leaders as they step into the fray. 


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Harry Hutson Co-author

A leadership coach and consultant based in North Carolina, Harry has been an executive at Cummins, Avery Dennison, and Devon Energy. Other books: Putting Hope to Work and Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations.

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