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Introducing ChapterNext, Executive Coaching

John Dankowski and Martha Johnson, Co-Founders

John Dankowski and Martha Johnson, Co-Founders of ChapterNext LLC


What can you learn about yourself to improve your decisions about your future?

John Dankowski and Martha Johnson are pleased to announce the launch of their executive coaching practice in the fall of 2015. Their work with individual clients occurs in formal coaching sessions in which the discussion is lively and uncovers new information, perspective, and energy for their clients' next chapters.

Martha's core approach is to listen for the language people use about themsleves and the themes they rely on to explain their work and choices. Often people are unaware of those words and narratives. People do not always realize what we reveal through our "verbal tics" and stories about our experiences. Martha believes there can be rich material and new perspective available to a client when a coach can reflect or mirror such insights.

John is a veteran of many many many environments: corporate, military, government (including a long stint as a White House staffer.) He offers practical advice and a vast network of contacts that can open up professional opportunities once people recognize better the way they understand and present themselves and the way the world, in turn, sees them.

Martha and John together help clients sort through their personal, professional, practical, and potential frameworks for making better decisions about their work and lives.

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